Selected Executive Search Experience

Andrew Technologies LLC
A Medical Device company focused on Aesthetic Surgery
– President and CEO
– Vice President, Product Development

Becton, Dickinson and Company
A global medical technology company
– Director of Business Development, Transdermals
– Vice President, Technology Development, BD Labware

BioScale, Inc.
A protein measurement technology company
– Member of the Board of Directors

CarboFix, Ltd.
Manufacturer of Innovtive Orthopedic Spine and Trauma Implants
– President, U.S.
– Vice President, Sales & Marketing – U.S. Spine
– Vice President, Sales & Marketing – U.S. Trauma
– Regional VP’s and Directors of Sales (4)

Celluman (now part of Evotec AG)
Cellular-based systems biology company
– Director of Manufacturing

ExSAR Corporation
A development-stage company dedicated to identifying, developing and commercializing small molecule therapeutics for protein misfolding diseases
– President and CEO

Gadeta, BV
A Netherlands-based Immuno-Oncology Company
– Chief Medical Officer

Genentech, Inc.
A biotechnology company acquired by Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc.
– Sr. Director, Capital Projects
– Numerous Engineering and Process Development positions

ImaCor Inc.
An Implantable Cardiology Medical Device Imaging Company
– President and CEO

LinguaFlex, Inc.
An Implantable Minimally-Invasive Sleep Apnea Company
– President and CEO
– Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs
– Member, Board of Directors

Lumicell, Inc.
A potentially disruptive, VC-backed Device and Diagnostics Company that detects even a single cancer cell left behind at the time of surgery.
– Member, Board of Directors

Oncogene Science, Inc.
A biotechnology company focused on cancer, diabetes and obesity
(Now OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Astellas US Holding, Inc., a holding company owned by Astellas Pharma Inc.)
– President and CEO
– Vice President, Marketing & Business Development

NovoCure Ltd.
A public Medical Device company (NASDAQ: NVCR) focused on oncology therapeutics for solid tumors. The company’s first two products – for recurrent and newly diagnosed Glioblastoma – have been approved by the FDA and are broadly marketed.
– Vice Chairman of the Board and Chair of the Global Commercialization Team
– Chief Financial Officer
– Independent Member of the Board of Directors

Nuclea Biotechnologies Inc.
A Companion diagnostics Company focused on Cancer and Diabetes
– President and CEO
– Vice President, Sales and Marketing

NuGene Technologies, Inc.
A development-stage anti-cancer company
– Member, Board of Directors

Pharmos Corporation
A biopharmaceutical company focused on inflammation, pain and diseases of the immune system
– President and COO
– Sr. Vice President and CFO
– Sr. Vice President, Clinical Research
– Sr. Director of Investor Relations, Public Relations and Corporate Communications

SIBIA Neurosciences, Inc.
A neuroscience company focused on ion-channel receptors acquired by Merck & Co.
– President and CEO

Theragen, Inc.
A Gene Therapy Company acquired by GenVec, Inc.
– President and CEO

VisionScope Technologies
A diagnostics company focused on endoscopy and sports medicine.
– President and CEO

WFD Ventures portfolio companies
A Venture Capital Company focused on medical devices and healthcare IT
– Chief Executive Officers (4)
– Chief Financial Officer
– Independent Member, Board of Directors (2)
– Vice Chairman of the Board and Chair, Global Commercialization
– Vice President, Product Development
– Vice President, Clinical and Regulatory Affairs

Wyeth, Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
A global biopharmaceutical company acquired by Pfizer, Inc. and spun out as Zoetis Inc.
– Asst. Vice President, Pharmaceutical R & D, Fort Dodge Animal Health Div.